Why do we need it?

The auto-continue logic was mainly created for one purpose: Testing long files inside Travis CI. As Travis CI has a time limit of 45 minutes, it became vital for us to be able to stop and continue the test from where we were under those 45 minutes. That’s how it started.

Today, - and it might be controversial - it is used by most people who aren’t under a Travis CI container to continue when the machine or tool crashes.

How does it work?


Want to read the code ? It’s here AutoContinue()!

We log every subject already tested previously and remove them when the same file path is given again.

How to use it?

It is activated by default but if not simply change

auto_continue: False


auto_continue: True

into your personal .PyFunceble.yaml or use the --auto-continue argument from the CLI to reactivate it.