Logs Sharing


This component is not activated by default.

Why do we need it?

We chose to initiate the logs sharing as some actions can really be random when working with millions of domains.

The idea and purpose of this feature are ONLY to make PyFunceble a better tool.

What do we share/collect?

Event Shared URL
No WHOIS server (referer) is found.
  • The extension of the currently tested domain.
The expiration date is not correctly formatted.
  • The extracted expiration date.
  • The currently tested domain.
  • The currently used WHOIS server (DNS) name.

How to share logs?

If you wish to share your logs simply change

share_logs:                   False


share_logs:                   True

into your personal .PyFunceble.yaml or use the --share-logs argument from the CLI to activate it.