This component is not activated by default.

Why do we need it?

This component comes along with the auto-continue one. Indeed, after constructing the logic to auto-continue we needed something to autosave.

How does it work?


Want to read the code ? It’s here AutoSave()!

After a given amount of minutes, we stop the tool, generate the percentage, run a given command (if found), commit all the changes we made to the repository and finally, push to the git repository.

How to use it?

For Travis CI and GitLab CI/CD

The following (from the configuration) or their equivalent from the CLI are required.

ci: False
ci_autosave_commit: "Your awesome commit message"
ci_autosave_final_commit: "Your awesome final commit message"
ci_autosave_minutes: 15
ci_branch: master


If you give the command index something, we will run it at the end of each commits except the last one.

The command on the last commit is executed based on the given command_before_end index.