Stable version

Using pip

Choose your repository, install and enjoy PyFunceble!

From PyPi

$ pip3 install PyFunceble

From GitHub

$ pip3 install git+

Using the AUR (for Arch Linux users)

The package can be found at

With makepkg

$ wget
$ makepkg
$ sudo pacman -U pyfunceble*.tar.xz

With your favorite AUR helper


We do not recommend any AUR helper but keep in mind that some AUR helpers are “better” than other. For more information about your current (or any other) AUR helper please report to the ArchWiki page.

$ yourFavoriteAurHelper -S pyfunceble

Pure Python method

Execute the following and enjoy PyFunceble!

$ git clone
$ cd PyFunceble
$ python3 test && python3 install